My Zoom

My Zoom

  • Exactly what the name says - an easy-to-use portal
  • Designed to make it easier for Australians to find their perfect cars
  • Constantly growing collection of used cars, available regardless of location in Australia

We are offering a one stop solution to anyone who wants to buy or sell a used car no matter where they are in Australia. It allows buyers to search for used cars in their location, according to any specifics that they have in mind to choose from. Thanks to our utilitarian filters, buyers have the option of filtering their search options according to the make, model, minimum and maximum price and more similar choices. Play your cards right and find your perfect car in under 2 minutes! Yes, we admit it’s kind of a miracle! But we aren’t boasting…

Our site isn’t only to make it easy for buyers to get their perfect next car. Used car owners also have a great opportunity with My Zoom. We allow car owners to submit their car specifics which can be added to our database of cars that are available for purchase.

The best part is that we are not limited to any one city or state of Australia. Our directory of used cars consists of vehicles from all parts of Australia, so clients can choose a car available in their part of the country. In the same way, sellers can also sell their cars with us from any part of Australia.

In short, My Zoom is the fastest way of selling or buying used cars in Australia minus all the hassle involved in finding a suitable car. You can now easily sell or buy used cars anytime, wherever you are in Australia.