My Zoom


What is My Zoom?

My Zoom is a Sydney-based car hub where buyers and sellers from across the nation interact and come together to buy and sell. We have over 10 years of combined automotive experience in highly competitive markets. We truly understand our customers’ needs and work hard to provide them with quality cars at great prices and a hassle-free transaction.

How does My Zoom Work?

We have partnered with established car dealers across Australia, representing all the major brands to find great deals on the car that you are looking for. When you search for a car, we can match you with used cars at the lowest price possible. We will take you through the buying process when you decide on a car and the car will be delivered to your door.

Why buy from My Zoom?

  • PEACE OF MIND - All our cars come from Australia’s main dealers and go through rigorous checks and tests so they are exactly as described when they arrive at your door.
  • THE VERY BEST PRICES - We have partnered with the best car dealers across Australia to find you the best deals on used car.
  • ZERO HASSLE - You can buy or sell your car from the comfort of your home.

Will I have to negotiate with the dealer?

No. There is not any need to put yourself through the hassle because we show you the lowest fixed prices we can get on a used car that is in stock at a dealership.

Is it safe to buy a car on My Zoom without seeing it?

Yes, and thousands of happy customers think likewise. We only list used cars after thorough mechanical inspection. All the used cars are personally inspected by our technicians to point out the shortcomings in the cars and trucks that we sell. We also verify a car’s history and mileage against PPSR

Can I talk to someone at My Zoom?

Absolutely! Behind our website is a team of real people in our Sydney office. They sort out car deals all day for you. You can call us at 1300 254 973.

Can I trade in an existing car?

Yes, My Zoom welcomes your trade. Please email pictures and fill out our “sell my car” form if you are interested in trading in your car. One of our experts will get back to you with a rough valuation.